5 Reasons Why CBD may not be working for you!

Truth is CBD has been one of the hottest topics of the last couple of years when it comes to healing and health, but millions are still skeptical about the validity behind CBD and its claims.

CBD also known as Cannabidoil is an extremely potent and important medicinal compound from the hemp plant.  It has swarmed the global market and aimed at helping people create the ultimate homeostatic environment within, but does this miracle healing plant live up to its hype? 

 And as a customer and believer, is it working for you?  Here are 5 Reasons why it may not be.

#1.  Where are you getting your CBD from?

If you are a New Synrgy customer who is reading this, rest assured that your CBD is of the highest quality and double 3rd party lab tested!  However, if you are dabbling in the CBD world with different brands and products, the most important thing you can do is your research.

3 Checkpoints you can look out for are:

  • Evidence of 3rd Party Lab Results
  • Customer Reviews
  • Reputable Brand Source

Truth is, most customers try a few brands before finding their sweet spot.  Take your time doing the proper research on the products you are considering prior to purchasing.  Your body and mind will thank you for doing the due diligence.  If you are new to CBD we invite you to try our Tester Pack and try out a few of our most trusted formulas and flavors to find your New Synrgy sweet spot!

#2.  Your Body needs to adjust to CBD 

Our bodies are wondrous places and our insides are incredible working machines.  One of the coolest concepts that was recently discovered in our bodies are our Endocannabinoid systems, which are directly hungry for and positively affected by the consumption of Cannabinoids.  

That being said, it does take everyone’s BODY time to adjust to the addition of a CBD regiment.  Finding the right daily dose can be a tricky journey for some people.  We always suggest starting off slow and moderate while working your way up to the right dosage for you.  You are the BEST judge of your life, your body, and what you feel on a regular basis.  Only YOU can take the journey to find the perfect dose to optimize your life.  Be patient and learn the healing effects of one of mother nature’s most incredible gifts — Hemp.

#3.  Give it Time

Everything in life takes some sort of time.  Our Bodies are incredible places, but they too need time to adjust, absorb and properly utilize the new medicinal properties we introduce to them.  Sometimes people try CBD and quickly give up or feel like it hasn’t worked for them because they don’t give it TIME.  You can’t take any form of new medicine and expect it to work wonders right away.  Some people need to take CBD for weeks or months before truly understanding its benefits in their daily world, but for those who have patience and give it time to work, CBD can be a serious game changer in optimizing the way they feel in every way.

#4.  Your Best Delivery Method 

We are ALL different.  It is truly a glorious thing, but considering our differences, so are our bodies and the way we receive everything from our most basic needs like food, air and water, to supplements and medicinal properties.  CBD and its bioavailability (its ability to penetrate the bloodstream) is important and unique for everyone.  While tinctures taken sublingually pack a more direct punch, someone may need muscle specific relief from a topical, or a more subtle oncoming feeling from slow absorbing edible.  

CBD comes in many forms these days and it is crucial that you find the best delivery method for  YOU.  CBD is offered in just about anything, from shampoos, to coffee, and even lube.  

So take your time trying and finding some awesome products to best suit you.  

Common Delivery Methods

  • Tinctures
  • Topicals, Creams 
  • Edibles
  • Vape
  • Capsules

Trying out different products and delivery methods is the best thing you can do on your CBD journey.  Take a chance and don’t be afraid to dabble in an organic, found in nature compound that could help change your life for the better!

Are you an Athlete?  Get that extra edge with our Elevated Athletix Pre & Post workout CBD Formulas!  

Interested in a Topical?  Our Natural Body CBD line has Creams, Bath Salts, Muscle Lotions and Revitalizing Oils for all your Topical needs!  

#5.  You naturally produce more CBD 

CBD is a beautiful thing.   As humans we produce endocannabinoids within our body.  Some studies have found that certain people produce a higher content of their own endocannabinoids and don’t respond as much to the addition of Cannabinoids in their lives.

Everyone’s Metabolism, Genetics, and Biochemistry play a role in how they accept, absorb and utilize CBD within the body.  We all have a need for Cannabinoids to supplement our Endocannabinoid system, the question is how much is right for you?  The only way to find the answer to this is to try CBD and see what it does for you.  

We are one of the only companies on the market to offer Tester Packs with small bottles for you to grab some of our best selling formulas and try them out.  Share them with a family, friend or co-worker and help them see how CBD can optimize their life!

If you are having any questions about CBD and its place in your world, use the above checklist to get a better understanding of the patience you’ll need during this awesome journey!  And should you need any guidance, we are always waiting and willing to answer your questions on our online chat at !  Happy CBD hunting!

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