Terpenes 101: Alpha-Pinene

Have you ever taken a hike through a forest and felt invigorated?  

Then you may have stumbled upon the beauty and benefits of Pinene.

A little History…

In Ancient times, people utilized the resin from tree barks by collecting its drops and using it to treat a vast variety of ailments.  They would mix the resin with water, milk or wine to be used to combat congestion and help relieve respiratory ailments. The resin mixture and liquid base acted as an expectorant that loosened phlegm, while helping remove congestion.  The resin was also used to treat parasitic infections as a pain relieving balm or ointment when mixed with animal fats or beeswax. Aboriginese Cultures also used the resin to treat open wounds and prevent infections.  

Travel to modern times and you’ll find Pinene in an array of products ranging from candles, to balms, CBD products and even in food. Pinene have proven throughout the ages to be an incredible tool for humans to use.

A little more about Pinene…

In simple terms Pinene is a commonly found terpene in Conifer AKA Pine Trees. With countless health benefits ranging from offering feelings of alertness and focus, to being a great bronchodilator, to its anti-inflammatory properties, offering a creative boost and aiding in memory retention, while having significant anti-viral properties, Pinene is a go-to for many interested in nature’s best.  It carries a distinct pine, woody scented bouquet, and the aromatic terpene can also be found in rosemary, parsley, basil and dill, to name a few.  

Alpha-Pinene is the most naturally occurring terpene around the world which is why at New Synrgy we utilize this potent terpene in several of our blends to offer YOU the best nature has to give! We utilize Alpha-Pinene in all of our New Synrgy Formulas. The different concentrations of Pinene per Formula achieve desired effects of each single need that Formula is created to aid in. Our FOCUS, RESTORE and NIGHT have the highest concentration of Alpha-Pinene!

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