CBD Tester Packs – Standing Out For Our Customers!

What did we do differently? We listened. Not only to you, but to ourselves and the biggest hurdles we faced when we were beginning our own personal CBD journeys.

As the only company focused on Need Based CBD Products For Specific Needs, we have had years of listening under our belts. We founded a non-profit called I AM ADAPTIVE in 2014, well before Dank Flavors was even a murmur of a thought, where we worked closely with thousands of people all over the world with adaptations such as Spinal Cord Injuries, Amputations, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Cancer, Emotional Instability, Depression, PTSD, Brain Injuries and really every in-between you could possibly imagine.

We traveled to over 60 events nationally, spoke at various conferences and universities, created massive social communities, formed groups, worked endlessly to create funding and services needed, read and answered thousands upon thousands of emails/messages/letters and provided a home within our hearts for those whom were under served, and under loved. We listened.

And, with that listening came New Synrgy . And, with New Synrgy came a deep understanding that people desperately WANTED to try CBD, but didn’t:

1) Know what company was legit.

2) Know what their dose may be.

3) Know what Line is best for them.

4) Know what Flavors they like.

So, we all know that CBD can get expensive if you have higher doses (we work with anyone to try and find financial aid where we can to bring prices down) and just knowing that can be off-putting if you have to put all your theoretical CBD eggs into one basket and get ONE bottle in ONE flavor that you hope like the dickens you will enjoy for the next month…or so.

We hated these problems, it kept many of you whom needed CBD away from it. To us these issues sounded like a challenge, which we readily accepted.

And poof! The World’s First CBD Tester Packs were born! The freedom you get in our 4 & 6-Pack creations is really quite endless. Each bottle is 7.5ml.

You can choose between 50mg-1500mg concentrations per bottle. You can choose to have every bottle a different Line: Morning , Focus, Restore, Night, gastro Support, Pet Care or Classic and each a different Flavor: Lemon, Juicy Orange, Peppermint, Strawberry, Coconut or NO Flavor. Or you can have them all the same. Or you can have 2 of one Line and 2 of another Line. Or…well you get the picture! Anything you want, you got here at New Synrgy.

It’s called Putting-The-Time-In and that’s all we do here at New Synrgy, we put time into you and your needs. You are what matters, and have from day one.

Oh, and for the other questions so many customers have of CBD companies:

1) We are also the only company that Double 3rd Party Tests their products.

We are completely insured and trusted! Check out our INSTAGRAM for 100+ Reviews.

2) We have created incredibly intricate Dosing Charts so you know what your dose is PER DROP! You will see charts for both our 30ml/1oz Bottles and our Tester Packs.

We are so happy that these CBD Tester Packs have been the answer for so many in the community. It gives you the ability to try various products, flavors and feelings so that you can hone in on what is right for you and your needs sooner rather than later!

We love you <3

– E+M Dank New Synrgy.

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